a r c h i t e t t ura

e     i  n  t  e  r n  i

b i o

a r c h i t e t t ura

d    e    s   i   g   n

i n d u s t r i a l e

m    o    b    i   l   i

a    r    r    e   d  o

u    r    b   a   n  o

d i s  e  g  n  i  di

c o n c e z i one

p  r  o   g   e  t  t i
e     c o n c o rsi

n       e      w     s

l        i       n       k

c   o  n  t   a t  t  i

h      o      m      e















The firm PROSPETTICA founded and active since 1987 in the field of furnishing and design.
The course of our twenty years of activity, has been the challenge of making daily life and working spaces distinguishing places of uniqueness.

Our goal is to render our surrounding habitat the best possible, as quoted in a phrase by Ermann Hesse, which coincides with our own thoughts "I often think that if all houses and streets had a tidy, elegant and pleasant appearance people would be more polite and friendly by necessity."

The aim of the firm Prospettica and its employees is to transform form and graphics into an innovative product, starting with a careful research in materials and the further challenge in the creation of design.

In recent years the collaboration of craftsmen and companies has led to a growintin in activity as well as the creation of new techniques and research in the characteristics of different materials thus obtaining the maximum in substance.

The firm not only deals in the interior design of single and communal entities but it is abilitated with 'A.N.A.B.' in the design of ecological constructions sensible towards a bio-architecture.

This site is a small window on our work. It is a documentation on a glimpse into a way of life not only of our customers but also of our own.